Child Care Project

Home of Care

In 2015, ACF partnered with Fengtai District Charity House to initiate the Amway Home of Care project, which takes orphaned and disabled children into care by renting accommodation around special schools, hiring professional social workers and life advisors, providing necessary support including meals, transportation and professional special education so that children living in the Charity House grow up to be independent citizens who are able to support themselves with the skills they learned. Over the years, four orphaned and disabled school-age children have been benefitting from the project.

Yirui rehabilitation support for children with Cerebral Palsy (CP)

In 2018, in support of the Yirui Special Fund of China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, ACF sponsored the "Yirui Little Dolphin CP Therapy Centre Project" at Dongguan Social Welfare Center to provide CP-inflicted children with free, non-invasive and highly effective CP rehabilitation services based on an internationally recognized therapy that combines low-frequency pulsed electrical stimulation with kinesiotherapy and protects children from any surgical harm. ACF is helping children with CP to better integrate into the society by enabling them to ease the syndrome of spasm, overcome difficulties caused by disability, become independent in daily life and build self-esteem as well as confidence.
With ACF’s support, a total of 72 children with CP have benefitted from the project and received professional rehabilitation treatment.

Amway Targeted Poverty Alleviation Fun

Answering to the national strategy call of "Targeted Poverty Alleviation", ACF initiated the "targeted poverty alleviation" project in 2018 to provide targeted assistance to poverty-stricken areas in China. With a great loving heart shining through a small project, ACF is effectively practicing targeted poverty alleviation and warming the hearts of many, many more.

As of now, ACF has invested a total of 1,490,200 yuan for local branches to carry out charity project activities,
With local funding support reaching 741,800 yuan.
Joined by 4,195 volunteers who devoted a total of 6,519 volunteering hours,
The project has benefit 13,567 children in total.