China Volunteer Fund

Project Purpose

Established on February 27, 2012, China Volunteer Fund is jointly managed and operated by the China Volunteers Association and the Amway Charity Foundation, and is mainly devised to finance policy research into volunteer services, volunteer service exchanges, and outstanding volunteer service projects. With a startup capital of RMB 10 million donated by Amway (China) Co., Ltd., the Fund is uniformly managed by the special China Volunteer Fund Management Committee. It follows the essential principles of the China Volunteer Fund Strategic Planning and focuses on the three orientations of “conducting volunteer research,” “setting up Outstanding Volunteer service awards”, and “funding ‘Outstanding Volunteer’ service projects”.

Thus far, ACF has had a total of more than 74,000 volunteers in over 200 voluntary service teams spanning the country. They have actively and widely participated in disaster relief, tournament support, community services, educational assistance, project supervision and other activities to infuse positive energy into the entire society. With the establishment of the China Volunteer Fund in 2012, ACF has surmounted new heights in volunteer management and services, enlisting support from social volunteering organizations and institutions and others.

Project Achievements

Fund Expenditure totaling RMB 8.42 million;
A total of 26 outstanding services projects financed;
A total of 39,090 volunteers participate in voluntary services;
A total of 226,648.7 hours served by volunteers; and
A total of 326,246 people benefited from existing projects.