China Philanthropy Talents Development Project

Project Purpose

It aims to discover and train philanthropy leaders, provide industry training, foster individual and institutional development, and establish a charity talents training system.

Project Partner

China Charity Information Center

Project Introduction

“China Philanthropy Talents Development Project” is the first government-directed NGO philanthropy talent training project in China, and also the first specialized philanthropy talent training project to be directed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, co-sponsored by the China Charity Information Center and the Amway Charity Foundation, and jointly participated in by many other charitable institutions and organizations with whom we aim to improve the scarcity of charity talents. Amway Charity Foundation will invest RMB 10 million within three years to build a ‘Huangpu Military Academy’ of China’s philanthropy circle in an attempt to continuously provide professionals and personnel to China’s philanthropy sector.

Project Achievements

Has intensively trained 100 philanthropy professionals;
Has selected the Top 20 most potential philanthropy leaders;
Has sponsored 20 NGOs with a total funding amount of RMB 2 million; and
Won a Special Innovation Award for "2013 China Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation 100”.